How Much Will Your Investment Payout

   1)   depends on the amount of time that you've paid into it,
   2)   whether you have a guaranteed pay-out, (Fixed R.O.I.)
   3)   if pay-out is 'performance-based' on other investments

         The Road to Retirement

                Invest your money without dedicating all your spare time, towards watching charts & graphs.
            Developing a sound savings plan, coupled with good spending habits, is a solid- foundation 
            upon which a family or a business can build a successful  Long-term  Retirement  Nest-egg.
         Basic  Life  Insurance

       A life policy is a unique asset that can be used to solve some of the financial problems of a grieving family,
       For example;  the funeral, burial, estate taxes, mortgage, college, or providing income for a set number of years

       Term Insurance-   is considered a good-strategy, depending on your financial goals. Traditionally it cost less,
                                      however, its only for a pre-determined amount of time, and could cost more every renewal
       Whole-life Policy- is an asset that 'over time' grows in 'Cash-value'  and some Policies offer a 'Paid-up' feature
                                     which covers the policy-holder for a lifetime,  even after the premium payments have stopped

Supplemental  Plans
Short-term Disability
Accident Insurance 
Cancer Coverage 
Critical Care 
   Financial  Services  Sectors
    Banks - C.D.'s,  Money Market
   Securities - Stocks, Bonds, Funds
   Insurance - Annuities (fixed, index)

 Your Internal Health

  1 in 4 Americans are on a fast track to a health crisis
   If you eat; sugary snacks, soda, processed meats, or drink
   alcohol more than once per week, then you may want to
   consider a liver detox to flush out the toxins poisoning you.   
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   When choosing any Major Medical Plan - one must carefully consider the financial impact of the Plan,
   such as;  medical & prescription deductibles, co-pays and co-insurance, and any other out-of-pocket
   expenses that are associated with the terms of that plan.   ..Click Here for information

Insurance is Not one-size fits-all.
Let's discuss strategic ways of
Protecting What Matter Most To You..
Conventional  Vs Holistic
  What's the difference..
From Normal to Cancer
  How does cancer work..


Supplemental Insurance-  Pay You  Lump-sum,  CASH!
                                                  when the unexpected happens..

he question becomes.. enough money set-aside to cover
   not only your current blls, but also things like Deductibles,
   Co-pays, and all the other out-of-pocket medical expenses.

  The Fact is..  it's much easier to pay a monthly premium,
   rather than come-up with thousands of dollars,when sick
   or hurt and cannot work.
for more information.

No-one talks about AIDS anymore,  However.. 10 cities with...
Where To Get Care
The Most Cost Efective...
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