What we do is customized financial recommendations that deliver insurance solutions which provide  guaranteed retirement income along with asset protection.

We can help develop realistic expectations of cash-flow. Planning for retirement is not complicated, taking the first step is the most difficult, but watching your assets grow is very rewarding.

- Rule of Thumb

  • Your "nest egg" should be at least   10 times your current annual income.
  • Take your annual income and add a zero --  that´s your minimum nest-egg.
It's  Time
        Is your savings where it should be for your age?
        If not, let's discuss a road-map to your retirement.

       *   Do you have a pension plan, 401K, or an IRA Account?
       *   Are your investments performing as well as you need.
       *    Let's build your Portfolio, or give you a Portfolio Tune-up.
Fixed Annuities are generally a safe bet, because they offer a steady return on with very Limited Risk. They work very similar to a Bank "C.D. "
However, an Indexed or Variable Annuites work different.. Our Advisors will
sit-down with you, and explain the difference in these investment strategies.

     -  Lifetime  Payments
   -  Cannot out-live your money
Turning Dreams  into
a tangible reality..
one at a time
Long Term Investing
 One of the biggest advantages that an Annuity offers is that they allow you to save larger amounts than a traditional 401K or IRA, which has an annual cap. This is very helpful for Self-employed individuals and for those who want to "catch up" on their retirement funds.

 A Fixed Annuity is generally a safe bet. It works similar to a bank CD. An investor can enjoy some of the fruits of the upside, without risking the down-side losses.

An Indexed Annuity is a more aggressive investment, in which one participates in
100% of the upside, and 100% of the down-side, very similar to a Mutual Stock.

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