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        1.  We have a "FREE Leads" Program for Brokers
        2.  Policy A
pplication review and Carrier submittal,
        3.  Case tracking, Retention, and commission tracking
3.  Agency back-office assistance, marketing opporunities
Instant Access to Quote Tools to help grow your business
        5.  License Reimbursement/ AHIP Reimbursement Programs
        6.  Monthly Performance based Bonuses and cash incentives.


Our Brokers Receive Free Leads

How would 50 new leads each week
make a difference in your business?

Could you be available for several
Live-Transfer calls on certain days?

Get Contracted and Get Your Leads
Our marketing outreach team works at building relationships,
and building brand-awareness in the community, but they're
Not Certified.. to enroll a client into a Medicare plan, thus all prospects are referred to our Contracted Brokers, either by
pre-set appointment, or by phone-call transfer, in real-time.
If interested in this opportunity, to join our team Click Here.

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