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New Year's  Resolution  "Re-boot"

               A Happier You starts with a Healthier You
               A Healthier You starts with healthy foods.

              Don't Forget To Schedule Your Annual Physical.
              Catching problems early is the key to succesful
              treatment, and a longer..  happier life.

     We'll walk you through the entire enrollment process, helping you calculate your tax-credits, and select your
      primary care physician, and look-up any presciption medications your currently taking, all at  No Cost To You!.

Dental Discounts Plans
- Generally attempts to negotiate a lower rate with dentists. The premiums are
comparatively lesser, however your costs for services are Not actually set in stone, and you are responsible for
paying one hundred percent of the bill.

Dental Insurance Plans - covers 100% of preventative procedures such as; check-ups and cleanings and shares
in the costs for any dental care you receive. However, there is usually a waiting-period before the plan will begin to
pay for expensive items such as; fillings and other similar services.

Which one will save the most?  You should carefully weigh both options before making a final choice. With
either Dental insurance or a discount card, you will still end-up paying for a portion of the cost out of your pocket.
So, take the time to do the calculations, and make sure you are taking the costs of both options into consideration.

    Purchasing Insurance can be confusing and it is,
    particularly important to pay attention to the
    "Summary of Benefits"  and "Terms of Coverage"

    Don't hesitate to ask plenty of questions
    about the things that you don't understand
   A trip to the dentist may be one that you can put off,
   especially if your teeth are not currently bothering you

  However, regular dental care can prevent some serious
  problems and that'll save you money on costly tooth repair
     Group  Insurance
Blue Cross/ Blue Shield
Dental Insurance

Premiums, Deductibles,
Co-insurance and Tax Credits

     How does the terms of your health Plan affects you
     financially, when you get sick or injured and need
     some medical treatment and/ or prescription drugs.

      Some bills will have a deductible,  and some won't..
      We Can Help explain the different financial exposures 
      associated with the different types of Insurance Plans.

  Good Health Starts With A Good Diet

 Many more people with die from heart attack or Stoke in the next 6 months than from hard-drugs
 over the next 6 years.   Where do we get these chronic diseases from?

 We get it at home, But Not from heritage, but rather from diet. The sad truth is.. we are addicted to
 to unhealthyfoods, snacks and drinks and they're killing us from the inside - out.
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