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           Affordable Life Insurance
 a Life Policy is a powerful asset for a griening family,
and many Life Insurance Policies have living-benefits;
like nursing-care, hospice, hospital confinement, and
Life Insurance is more affordable, than people think.

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 Term Insurance -  is a coverage strategy for a
  certain duration or purpose, because it offers the
  maximum coverage amounts for a lesser monthly
  premium over a pre-determined length of time.
 Final Expense - a good insurance strategy to cover the memorial expenses and final bills. Typically
 is used as a stand-alone insurance plan, or in addition to other life policy.  (IE: employer's benefit plan)

Whole Life - is a good insurance strategy to a build long term asset, as it continues to grow in cash-
 value over time, and if needed, someone can make withdrawls from the account. Some Term Policies
 will even convert to a Whole Life policy, generally at the end of the term-policy coverage peiod.
Annuities - an excellent alternative to stocks, especially during times of market volatility,  because
 it pays a flat rate, and you'll have more access to your money, versus having a Personal IRA Account.
    L I F E       I N S U R A N C E       C E N T E R

Secure Encrypted Database

It's the Perfect-way to store private
Final Wishes for a young Beneficiary.
It makes a thoughtful-gift for people
that is aging, or that has disabilities...

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  1. Download & Complete: a  Final Wishes Booklet
  2. Send us a copy: (keep the original for your records)

  3. It's Affordable:  at only $2 per month / $1 per year.
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Insurance is not one-size fits-all

Someone shopping for Life Insurance Coverage
will have better results,
by using our Life Brokers,
because we'll go over your options and help you develop a "insurance portfolio" that fits your goals.
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