Turning Our Clients Dreams  into a tangible reality..   one at a time

Our Business is Helping People."

Our President is a polished entreprenuer with an impeccable background.
He brings to the table..
over 20 years of business-ownership experience.

A Seasoned individual with amazing accomplishments. His career spans across
3) different industries, and 6) different professional licenses,  in 3) different states.

Tim is a multiple Professional Licenses Holder.
     * maintains a Life, Health And Accident  Insurance License(s),  since 2012.
     * also maintains a Commercial Builder License, state of Colorado, since 1997

     He's also a community activist.. He a Board Member for (2) local non-profits
     and a former "Chairman" with a nationally recognized Civil Rights Organization.
     Tim is a Future Community Leader, who's very pasionate about helping people.

     Tim & DBL T investments is widelly respected in this community and has touched
     the lives of many residents over the last 20 years in business

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"Sometimes being a 'good company'  isn't good enough,
and often times,  the difference  between a good company
and a 'Great One'  is their  Customer  Service"