Wealth  Building
          Our Focus is to help you build an investment portfolio, which is backed-by insurance products.
          Let's discuss strategic-ways to fund your retirement savings account, and never outlive the money.

          Short Term Goals
          Start your Financial Journey with Short-term Goals. Ones that are easily to achieve in the near future.
          Accomplishing these goals will build momentum,and as you monitor your progress, using today as the
          reference-point to measure your long-term success rate.

   Expenses are categorized into (2) categories: 'Necessary & Discretionary'
   Since many expenses are variable, such as utilities and groceries, it's really
   imperative that one averages these amounts. Some other expenses are only
   periodic (such as vehicle registration).
   Divide the Total Amount by 12, to calculate the monthly amount..

Net Worth
       What is your financial position today? Determine your 'Net-Worth' by;  subtracting - the total of everything you owe,
       from the total amount of everything you own. By understanding what your overall financial picture looks like, today,
       gives you direction towards where you want your financial picture to be in 10-30 years.

   The Essential Expenses -   Food, Housing, Transportation, Medical Care, Child Care, Insurance, Laundry, etc.
    Discretionary Expenses - Personal products, Entertainment, addictions (cigarettes, alcoho) Holidays, Vacations, etc.

What does
'Nest Egg'
Look  Like

Tracking Day-to-Day Expenses
    It's time to start tracking your spending. Different methods of tracking work for different people; some like to
    save receipts while others prefer to jot down all purchases in a small notebook they carry with them.

    Remember: tracking is effective (only) if you count every expense - including the morning coffee.       
    newspaper, the movie rentals, and even small habits should not be overlooked. Carefully record both weekly
    monthly spending totals

Are You Ready
to dscuss your
Financial  Future

Long  Term  Goals
       You are NEVER too old to have a new dream or to set a new goal.

    Determined your take amount, and your expenses, and total debt;
    Then, subtract ALL your expenses  from your net income.

    If the result is positive, then you can then use the extra money
    towards your financial future, and saving towards your goals.

If your expenses exceeds your income
          You must make some adjustments to either cut your spending habits
          or increase take home income, to bring your finances into balance.          
          Once balance is gained, then begin saving towards your goals.

Will you have enough
money set-aside
for retirement?
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        Monthly Net Income
        Monthly Income - from all sources (after taxes) . For infrequent income, such as bonuses,
        calculate that particular income annually, then divide by 12, to find the monthly amount.
  Does Your
Retirement Funds
provide for
health issues?

Retirement Income will Not work itself-out...
It takes being proactive and strategic planning
to acheive a comfortable level of retirement income.
Annuity  information
 Many  Small  Employers   don't  offer  a  Retirement
So most  employees  have
very little Retirement  Assets
Turning  Dreams  into a tangible reality,    one at a time..
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  Build a Portfolio of Insurance Protections and Assets.

         -   cearly defined financial objectives, and strategic planning.
         -   long term compounded-interest, Tax-deferred, fixed investments.
Here's  How  We  Can  Help ..
How Long will it
take to spend-down
your entire savings
                  Some mistakenly look at their accumulated Savings, thinking that the whole sum is their
                  entire nest-egg, not realizing that about 1/4 - 1/3 will be taken by the government in taxes.
There's No ' Golden-Secret '
It's all about planning and staying flexible